The first Q & A of this blog is with Troy Vevasis creator of MR CRYPT which is available to pre-order for it’s September release.

You are a big fan of horror and your previous writing credits was last year’s Vincent Price Presents: In The Shadows #1.  Mr Crypt is aimed at all ages.  Was it your intention to make Mr Crypt a fun read for kids or was the temptation there to go a lot darker.

 I wanted to do something all-ages for awhile now. It is a genre that I didn’t really explore before Mr. Crypt so it was a fun experience.

What inspired you to write an all ages comic with horror overtones?

I was working on a lot of horror projects at time. I thought it would be cool to do an all-ages book with horror themes. 

 Each issue of Mr Crypt is broken up into separate mini adventures which is very reminiscent of the comic publications of the 1940 / 1950s  – were these an inspiration for the style of the comic book?

I am a big fan of the classic Golden Age comics! I also love writing in a chapter format!  I think it is an effective way to write an all-ages series! 

 Do you think Alterna’s well received decision to print on newsprint will help with that feel?

 I think that the newsprint format is perfect for the retro feel of the comic! I think that newsprint is a very cool format for comics! 

 The premise of Mr Crypt is that he is a lonely skeleton who is feared by the town folk even though he should not be.  His optimism really comes across in the writing.  Is there a wider social commentary in this book about prejudice & fearing what we don’t know or understand?

Absolutely!  I wanted the overall theme of the series to be about acceptance and do not rush to judgments.  I think that a message like this is very important!      

Who has the better disguise to hide his identity – Mr Crypt’s fake mustache and hat or Superman/Clark Kent’s curl?

Superman because no one ever sees through his. Mr. Crypt’s disguise is not perfect and that is where some of the comedy comes from. 

Mr Crypt has been available online for sometime but will soon enjoy it’s physical release.  How excited are you that everyone will get to enjoy these tales in a good old fashioned way?

I can’t wait for people to actually get their hands on the book!  It will be very cool to see it in print!  

You are of course the writer of Mr Crypt – how much as the art of Aleksandar Jovic helped you tell these stories?

Aleksandar’s art brings the story to life beautifully!  His art style is the perfect fit for this series!

With a move to create Universes – I am thinking the Marvel Universe, DC Universe & Universal’s Dark Universe do you have any desire to create a Crypt Universe.  I mean will Baron Rat be seeing his own comic book?

That may be a possibility down the line!

You are, of course, a horror fan – what is your favourite period for horror and do you have a favourite horror movie?

 The original Universal Monster movies from the 1930s and 1940s are by far my favorite! My favorite horror movie is the original Wolfman movie! 

Finally, if you could team up Mr Crypt with anyone in the entire comic world for a rip roaring adventure who would it be with and why?

 I never really thought about that.  That is a great question!  I would have to say the Scooby-Doo Gang!  I think that the art styles and the setting would be a nice fit! 

MR. CRYPT #1 of 3
(W ) Troy Vevasis
(A) Aleksandar Jovic

Who’s that suit-wearing living skeleton with a heart of gold? It’s MR. CRYPT that’s who! Using a mustache and top hat for a disguise, can Mr. Crypt and his friendly pet rat win over the local villagers and make the best of a bad situation?

In Shops: Sep 20, 2017
SRP: $1.50
32 pgs, Full Color, Comic Book


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